Marketing Campaigns

Here are marketing campaigns that have been ongoing for several years and also seasonal marketing campaigns over the past years.

Social Media

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Seasonal campaigns

The Team Iceland campaign was initiated in March 2018 with the aim to encourage nations without a team in The FIFA World Cup 2018 to share in the joy as Iceland goes to the World Cup for the very first time. Why not cheer for Iceland? - It is exciting to be a part of something big, even when you are small. Join Team Iceland now!

The A-Ö of Iceland campaign was launched in October 2017 and it's aim is to enable travelers to discover the wonders of the seven Icelandic regions. 

The Icelandic Pledge. Initiated in June 2017. Become a responsible tourist and take the Icelandic Pledge online. Learn how to travel responsibly and take part in keeping iceland clean and unspoiled.

Iceland Academy is the 2016 marketing campaign. It´s aim is to joyfully educate tourists how to travel around Iceland in a safe and responsible way.

Ask Gudmundur - The Human Search Engine was the 2015 spring and summer campaign. Several Icelanders named Gudmundur or Gudmunda answered questions via social media about travelling in Iceland. In the fall Gudmundur Hangouts campaign was introduced where the Gudmundurs invited tourists to hang out in different regions of Iceland.

Ongoing campaigns

Inspired by Iceland, the biggest campaign ever made to promote Iceland abroad was launched in 2010.

The campaign has won numerous awards and nominations such as Cannes Lion, ICCA, European Excellence Awards, Global Effie and Euro Effie. It is also been featured a case study at The Best of Global Digital Marketing.


Iceland Naturally represents the best of Icelandic products in North America and the true essence of Iceland, its creativity and spectacular natural wonders.

As a combined council of Icelandic brands, we take pride in the way our products define Iceland: pure glacial water, clean and renewable energy, sustainable fresh fish, a totally unique travel experience and best of all, our creativity.