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How does Iceland inspire you? If you don't know already, maybe we can help! Check out our various webinars, fun facts, videos, and the inspired by Iceland Specialist modules. And if you need more resources, do not hesitate to contact the Visit Iceland Team.

We encourage you to watch our series of region-based webinars, available on the map above. The webinars are a general introduction to Iceland, where we dive into each region's geography, wonders, culture, seasons, weather, and transportation. We will also explain the concept of responsible tourism and introduce our marketing emphasis and target groups. Click on a region to learn more.

Join our Iceland Specialist program

Become an Inspired by Iceland Specialist to increase your Iceland know-how, provide you with insights and advantages in marketing Iceland as a tourist destination, and better assist your clients.

All Iceland Specialists may use the exclusive Certified Inspired by Iceland Specialist badge on their marketing materials. If you meet the requirements, your company has the option of being listed on our website as an Inspired by Iceland Specialists. The online course will guide you through Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, colorful history, and vibrant culture. The course is in three sections, and for every section, you will need to answer 20 questions correctly.

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Safe and responsible travel

An integral part of becoming an Inspired by Iceland specialist is understanding the importance of Safe and Responsible travel in Iceland. Icelandic nature is the main attraction for tourists. We want to ensure that our visitors work with us to preserve our unique and sensitive environment and enjoy it safely.

Here you will find information from Safe Travel, the official source for adventuring safely in Iceland, andVakinn, the official stamp of quality for tourism in Iceland. Check out Iceland Academy, an educational campaign aiming to empower tourists to get the most out of their trip to Iceland safely and responsibly.